Whiskey Kiss European Tour 2017

Booking for Whiskey Kiss Europe 2017!!

May 31- June 11


About Whiskey Kiss:

Whiskey Kiss styles themselves as retro-revamped– a fitting genre for a band that sports vintage style and roots-based rock with a modern edge. Fronted by petite-powerhouse Niki White, and fueled by the “the searing guitar licks of (husband) Nick White” (Phoenix New Times), this band’s stage show has been praised as “dynamic and acrobatic- some would say insane” (Buster Fayte’s Rockabilly Romp). There is nothing old fashioned about the death-defying stunts of bassist Tommy Collins, the pounding drum beats of Michael Robinson, or the scorching brass section all played by Bruce Legge. Critic Mitchell Hillman writes, ““They’ve got the sound, the look, and the record ready to launch them well into next year and bring them to a much larger audience than they have reached before. Keep your eyes on Whiskey Kiss; their aim is high and so is their trajectory.”

With two full-length records, two killer music videos, and festival appearances at places like Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender, Whiskey Kiss will soon be the band you won’t stop hearing about.

Learn more about us at the links below:

Check out the EPK at: www.artistecard.com/whiskeykiss


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